Taube family genealogy

"Taube wide spread Baltic noble family, known since 14 century, originally danish (and maybe from Westfalia in Germany) with the name Tuwe, introduced on the swedish house of nobility 1668 with nr 734
Sources: Svensk uppslagsbok, Malmö 1936, Bo Lindwall in ShF, Elgenstiernas Ättartavlor, Anbytarforum


Johan Tuve, dead after 1428, to Etz in Jeve parish in Estonia
Claus Tuve, mentioned 1443-1453, to Etz in Jeve parish in Estonia
Bernt Tuve, dead ca 1496, mentioned 1477, to Etz in Jeve parish in Estonia
married to Aleint Deken.
Jakob Tuve, dead 1533, nämnd från 1506, to Etz in Jeve parish in Estonia and Malla.
Johan Tuve, dead after 1568 in Reval, to Pungern in Jeve parish in Estonia
Loff Tuve zu issen, Estonia.
married to Kuningunda von Taube.
Bernt Taube, d 1676
Lantr&arinng;d, överste för Vinborgs läns kavalleriregemente.
married to Margareta von Dellvinmarried
Claes Johan Taube, dead before 1697
ryttmästare at karelska dragonregementet.
g 1665 in Reval m Helena von Zoege.
Volter Ludving Taube, born 1684 in Reval.
Kapten, Björneborgs Regemente, Finnlandead
married 11 februarin 1708 in Hinintola parish to Barbara Kristina Freidenfelt.
Kristofer Reinhold Taube, born 21 augusti 1715,
Fänrink., dead 1 oktober 1795 in Onkiniemi, Finnland
married 29 mars 1778 in Jorois parish to Anna Sofina Ållongren
Arvid Joachim Taube born 26 februari 1777 in Kerinsalo, Finnland
Major. innflyttad to Västerbotten, Sveringe 1811
married to Johanna Fredrika Mesterton, f 6.10.1777 in Åbo, Finnland
Tab. 12.
Otto Reinhold Taube born 1816-10-15 in Råneå
Jaktlöjtnant, Tullförvaltare in Göteborg
married 1839-04-09 in Skellefteå to Fredrika Kjellerstedt
Tab. 13.
Karl Gunnar Taube born 1853 in Ratan, Byde&arinng;,Västerbotten
Seacaptain, light house master Vinga lighthouse, Göteborg
married 1884 to Julia Sofia Jacobsdaughter born in Strömstad
Tab. 14.
Evert Axel Taube
born 1890-03-12 in Göteborg dead 1976
author, painter, composer.
married to
Astri Linnéa Mathilda Bergman
born 1898-12-09 in Stockholm dead 1980-12-23
daughter to Herman Bergman.

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